Sunday, May 10, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

Ugh, I think I can't restrain myself from not posting this layout. I am a Twilight fan and of course Edward is always the reason to become one.

Here's the LO I made with all my heart, LOL !!

Btw, I never like Rob Pattinson as he is. The thing why I like him is because he is perfectly portrayed as Edward. So as long as this Patz boy is in Edward getup, I don't mind to like him. I am sure many agree with me..

Can't wait until New Moon the Movie is released ^-^

Elements by Sweet Blossom Design


Suci said...

you twillight freak!!
anyway it's a nice LO :)

Any WDK said...

do you know that i recomend your blog to my DST friend, Diana who really love twillight...? she looked for Twillight LO, so i give link to your blog..!!! :))