Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Night Layouts : Navy Girl

My sister loves Photoshop, especially for editing photos. She's my opposite in creativity. She's always full of ideas and she can stand hours in front of her computer doing many creative things. I, otherwise, love to stay for hours in front of my New Moon Wallpaper-ed laptop, staring at Edward Cullen and read the mantra : he's only 23 ..he's only 23.... Oh, well, my age also stopped at 23, in behaviour matter, not appearance. Unfortunately.
But this afternoon I got an idea to scrapbook one of her edited photos. I grabbed a (used to be) freebie kit from Chriscrap and voila !! Love the blue color ..

If you are a blue color lover like I am, I highly recommend you this kit. Here is the preview :

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