Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun Girl LO

My littlest sister, Natya asked me why I never make LO using her photo. So I took kit from Newlife's Dream's Love Love Love (the colorpicking is amazing, I could only say oooh and aaaah...). Now here is my LO. I just don't understand why young girls nowadays like to pose themselves in un-natural ways. Pouting their lips, sticking out their tongues, close their eyes in weird way. Maybe I am getting old. But this old girl still wanna have fun ... by bookscrapping.

this fantastic freebie is courtesy of New Life's Dream
please grab the kit here


mamaecha said...

beautiful LO!! since you seem to know really well how to have fun, I guess, you are not that old, you old girl! hehehhe...

Lisa said...

Absolutely agree with you...!!!
My 13 yo sister also love to make wierd faces when posing in front of camera. And I never think they cute with those weird lips and toungue.

Anyway... like the LO.. :)

Lily said...

thanks for the comments, gals.. this old girl needs to take a break for a while. her glasses are tired too *lol*