Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Smiling Boy LO

At last, time for myself, time to date with my laptop. My boys seized me the whole day. They made me stay in front of their computer, playing online games ranging from Thomas The Tank Engine games to Cars games. I told them mama was not good at all at boys games but they kept me sitting for hours, trying to coordinate my fingers in Cars Race. Don't get me wrong, I always love the time I spend with my kids. Only hate the way we spend it LOL. After all, this is the LO I just finished. Then, movie time and a mug of coffee and plain crackers ( I am tempted to switch into shrimp springrolls :p)

Paper, brad and alpha are from Desmond and Molly Kit by Ami Sumrall

String, paper edge, photo frame by Gunhild

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mamaecha said...

getting better and better...
naufal is a big boy now! miss you naufal!