Sunday, July 5, 2009

Soft Denim Collab LO

Take a look at this preview below :

do you think what I am thinking? that it is a fun-tastic kit to scrap? my friend, Mamaecha, made this kit for ADSD Collab. and I feel in love at first sight with it. i, the one who always fails to make LO, can make 2 LOs with the kit.

here is my first LO. ummm.. again, it's about HIM. the hottie hunk, the one and only Rob Patz himself. the guy that can make my DH put this as his favorite reading ^-^

for second LO, I made this from the photos I took with my other fellow scrappers, Lisa and Wiwit. Wiwit and I went to visit Lisa's newborn baby daughter. too bad I forgot to take the baby's picture. :(

once again, thanks Mamaecha for such a fabulous kit.
credit goes to Mamaecha's Soft Denim Collab Kit, BlueFlombingo

RP's photos are from : here


Suci Sadiq said...

wooow... that's soo sweet! thank you :)

Lisa said...

weeeh... gue malah belom kelar LOnya.. ;-p